Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thank you Jay Dee: Act 1 + 2. (Happy BornDay Dilla)

Stones Throw & J-Rocc has been responsible for one of the more celebrated mixtapes. The Dilla Trilogia. A triple disc set of of the Jay Dee aka J Dilla catalog mixed by the Funkiest President himself J-Rocc of Beat Junkies fame.
With the release of Act 3 this week, many Stones Throw fans and Dilla fanatics have been inquiring about Acts 1 + 2.

It's all about love, no??

So it seems that the ST heads are contemplating a re-release of the archived Acts. With that being said, pls keep your eyes peeled and dialed in to Stones Throw for more announcements.

And in case you forgot....

★ February is Dilla Month ★.



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