Friday, February 29, 2008

Low End Theory

Man, I've never been so f*cking jealous!!! My NYC fam is going to be offered and served some of the most scrumptious music spoils available. I had heard rumblings of this is party out in LA called Low End Theory, but it's out in NY this weekend for the inaugural East Coast night, and were it not for work - and this snow today - I'd be there for sure.

This is the 2nd time that's I've missed my man FlyLo whilst in NY and your man's upset! ARGH. All love. During the Black-Beatles's United Colors party last night, I had to snap some necks w/ some of that low end that FlyLo has mastered. And, to boot, my man Harmonic 313 told me that in AUS, FLyLo played him with this rmx that just made him lose it. Ha. I bet MP. Top of that, they got GasLamp Killer running a set as well. How sick is that gonna be?? ARGH!
Anyhow, if you're in NY and you're not hitting Knitting Factory tomorrow... [head shakes]. I'll have my chance, soon come. Shouts to my man Slott who's out there and planning to make that show. Tell me about it when we catch up next. Wrd.

After watching that Low End Theory trailer, I feel iike locking myself in my apt, with Logic and Ableton. Soon come.
So, I'm still @ work here, praying for that Low End. Here's my man FlyLo Stuntin, snapping your neck with no end. Say wrd. Enjoy.

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