Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Ecstatic

YO. I was not joking abou the missing H. Every year about this time, I vanish from cyberspace. Too swamped @ work - or more like, it's just crazy enough to keep me off. I'll manage...

But I'm just days removed from a few trade shows. But you know, I keep my eyes peeled. Anyhow, after regretting not getting any footage of Black Dante aka Mos Def @ a show in Toronto, I caught up with him in Las Vegas last week.

Madlib turns dem strings up!

I feel that Mos has been more excited about his coming LP, The Ecstatic that we are. He's been raving about the Madlib beats ever since last fall. Hell yea I'll co-sign that. In fact, word is that he carries a beat tape w/ him @ all times. Seen.

Anyhow, you got me Mos. I'll cop it fa sho.

BTW, good look to Nah Right for the post.

Moslib?? Maddef?? Regardless, this LP The Ecstatic is due to certainly be one of the best. Hold this Madlib The Bad Kid beat.

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