Monday, February 04, 2008

Fat Ray: The Set Up

Man, I still recall having this convo w/ Phat Kat about some of the cats in the D and who I felt had next. Yes, I used to run my mouth all day about Black Milk and with reason. Sh*t. Dirty District 1 was enough for me to know and hear sickness. That beat alone...
But when Dirty District 2 dropped, I took notice of this one cat. I still recall a touch of confusion as the 1 ot 2 tracks I had were mislabeled so for a min, I didn't know who had the hot verse. After sorting that out, Fat Ray is who emerged. Sick.
Every time afterwards, I would tell Kat how I felt that Fat Ray was next to rep the D. If you were familiar with Dirty District 2, Man Up & Number One were two of my faves. He also had this sick verse on Xtra off the T3 mixtape. Just bananas.
Anyhow, I had this same Fat Ray convo a whilst back w/ Black as he played me this banger he did w/ Fat Ray (Hello - which may remain in the vault now - more no that another day.)
So now, the good news:

Fat Ray, Black Milk - The Set Up. In Stores March 4th

What started as an EP quickly became an album just to put out there. All bangers co-signed and produced by your man, Black Milk. Black was here this past Friday (for the Real Frqs anni party) and played me the whole record. ¡Jesus! If you love the D, this one is for you.

Even better news is that Fat Beats just inked a deal w/ Koch Canada, so this should be avail in HMV - and such outlets. Say Wrd. Shouts to my man Heath Blzzard & Jay Dev.

So xtra xtra, Fat Ray's now in town, and here's The Set Up and how he & Black get down. Enjoy.


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San Fran said...

Detroit City all day...the flava hat comes from that city is out of control. Much love for the 411 on this Fat Ray/Blk Milk collabo - will def. be peeping it.