Sunday, February 10, 2008

yyz got it.

No doubt. We do.
There are certain events and conversations that i will never ever forget.
♥ The original Slum Village lineup performing @ Comfort Zone.
♥ Dilla showing up in a limo @ the Opera House right before the SV set, with and MPC under each arm.
♥ Dave1, former (?) senior music writer @ Vice magazine and now co-head of famed Chromeo inexplicably watching women lose it whilst ?uestlove played some SV during his 1st Toronto DJ Set.
♥ Dilla showing up minutes before his set @ the now defunct Roxy Blu, and cutting thru the crowd amidst the jubilation.

yyz got it - yep. Toronto does Love Jay, in case you knew not. Say Wrd.

Tonight: TO Love Jay. Click here for FB group & deets. Shout outs to BLK BTLZ. (you looking for the ni**az, yea we be dem...)

Have fun folks. Again, I'll reach in spirit but duty calls. Shouts to Merv and Cairo. Good look on the adv tee.

So whilst TO shows you the deal, this SV rmx will show the mandem how I feel.


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