Wednesday, February 27, 2008

YIKES! Release Party!?!

Did you hear that?!?! [heart pumpin]

Those were bullets whizzing by. BOP BOP BOP!

No. In all seriousness, I'm hearing rumblings of a Guilty Simpson Release Party @ the end this month. Ya heard?? The Ode To The Ghetto album drops March 25th so it would make some sense. But, meatier is the rumors of a special guest. WTF?!?! I ran into your man Guilty in London this past summer and in LA in Nov and he's been talking about wanting to come up... Sh*t. This could be f*cking heavy...

BOP BOP BOP! Guilty Simpson... Rude Bwoy Tings.

So whilst we wait for the Ode To The Ghetto like fiends, The Beat Conductor and Guilty himself tell us about this f*cking American Dream. Look for more deets about this release party. Say wrd.

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Richniques said...

Word On Dis Sick Tune!!!