Monday, December 10, 2007

6400kms Close


So, sometime this year I believe, I recall transferring some photos from my trusty indigo Sony P100 to my BlkBook ans for some reason, the order of all the shots was off. Perplexed, I took a closer look @ the # system as it should be numeric. And indeed it was. My problem was that I had passed the 10000 photo mark. And since the default # system on most Sonys is 4 digits, after shot 9999, my digi reset to DSC0000. As such, some of my more recent shots turned up buried somewhere in some old archived ones.
Some of which where the ones from this summer.
Which leads me to this...
Ever wonder how ppl from different backgrounds, upbringings, nationalities and GPOS (geographical position) can somehow have parallel and homologous thoughts? Is there a glitch in the Matrix? Maybe not. But this will always fascinate me: ppl that is.
Yesterday, I had a marathon chat w/ a friend online. We chatted about everything under Jupiter's 63 moons, including photography. There was a time where my digi was in the shop, but we both professed our love and need for traveling w/ our camera to capture it as it happens.
Going through her vast array of photos on her myspace, I stumbled on this one (click below):

Whoa. I quickly searched thru some of my own archived shots, only to then pull this up (click again):

She's now convinced I'm the long lost twin she's longed for. As marvelous as these shots were, being a twin might pose other problems - like staring @ infinity (the shame!)... The 6402 kms suddenly seem so illsuory. How long is the drive if I take the 1a?

This summer it is then. Photo shoot pt2 (&3 apparently).

Your Fave Ex Boyfriend.


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