Thursday, December 20, 2007

Live Long And Prosper


That's the the time that's past since I last put my body through any kind of physical activity. As much as ppl do think I'm in good shape as I watch what I eat, I think the ticker could be in better condition.
So my man Romance hits me up and is like:

"Dude. we're going shredding @ Blue. You down?". Hell yea.

I swore that I would go riding this year, and in fact had gone looking for goods from one of my fave brands.

Analog jkt: check
DUB pants: check
Lobster Claw: Check.
Long Js: check.

I was ready to go.

Romance hooked the gear up thru now my man Alex aka Jean Ferré. Good look for the Nitro board and the Raiden bindings dude. All was tight.

Weather was as perfect as it could get - snowy and mild.

After a few rides to shake the cobwebs (well, full on remove in fact), I was able to enjoy the rest of the day - not trying to keep up with the mandem, but def handle mine eventually. Blue Mountain still got the best of me though: I was wiped and hella sore the next day, but a good pain. Needed a Geisha that night in ways you couldn't imagine. Looking fwd to going back out. Gonna try for 1nce of 2wice a week if I may in the new year.

As it happens, I was trying to take a ski vaca this time around. I always do sun and sand. I'll ready to do it up like Jack Burton man. Who's down??


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