Sunday, December 02, 2007

Take the Red Pill Neo (Post King)

I should have done the same - is all I thought to myself reading these same words as they mysteriously appeared on my phone. As much as the weather was starting to take a turn for the worst and it got pretty cold, Friday night started well.
Headed over to LoKi for quick drink and shout to Soul Shack and Soul on Ice for the love. Caught up w/ TR Gunna who was riding shot gun that night - heels + fishnets and all. ;)
To quote NIN:

It was a downward spiral from there.

Catching up w/ King Britt and hearing about his coming projects was amazing. He also added he was settling in Philly for a while as the touring was starting to wear his patience thin. Well, I sorta get it. But the Grey Goose bottle service was eventually offered and well, I obliged. The real problems started @ bottle #2. Simply put, after chaperoning Gunna back to her yard, I somehow made it home as well, unwisely by myself.
As I recall (what little I do):
woke @ 8
stepped out.
went back home.
Popped the blue pills but nothing. Man.

and in bed for all day light and most of eve.

I'll spare you the deets, but this mirrored the now famous Bird and Tangerine episodes. Yuck.
I 1nce again will udergo a voluntary detox.
Shouts to TRG, Dapper D, JonJon, Diamantes, iVana (London, eh??) and King of course... Had a blast!

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