Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Much Fun


That's when I last had seen this much snow. I certainly wasn't complaining esp in light of the milder temp. The Celcius meter never really dipped whilst in the nation's capital. I was in mostly in a shell and tee (as you can see), and left my Goose @ the crib. But I also had no real plans on leaving my yard anyhow, if not only to catch up to old friends who had facebooked me (officially a verb yes).

But the whole week was spent sleeping beyond my usual 4-5 hrs of shut-eye, eating like an Egyptian King and laughing with family. Nothing better. My fully naturalized mother was probably the happiest out of all of us to see this much snow as she could show you that Xmas Spirit is a tangible product. ;)

YUL fam was in the house, and they need to get a shout beyond the unconditional love, for linking the salt fish patties. They got run tough!

Fam was the focus indeed. Don't get to see my Aunt like I 1nce used to. Infact, my whole fam escapes me more than not these days, so these events and moments are indeed all the rage and fun.

Same goes for some good friends I have out there that I got to see in a more social setting: The local bar. Good Look.

Ha! I always know I'm in YOW after I order 2 jager Bombs, 1 Heinie and a Gin & Soda and the total is $21. Are you kidding me? @ these prices, I'm glad I left the city. But I held a friendly salute indeed: Family, friends and your boy Cero Ocho who is about to ring my door bell. Say wrd.

These last 10 days were the proverbial calm before the storm. Lemme enjoy it one last time. ;)

Hizzla! (Crank Dat)!

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