Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Special (for you): Stones Throw in NYC

There's something to be said about being @ a show in NYC. Anything and everything can happen. This summer, I got see that 1st hand. So when I got a txt from my man JS telling me that the Stones Throw tour stop in NY would have a very special guest, I started to sulk. Toronto 0, NYC 2. We missed out on Aloe, Guilty, J Rocc and MED only to have more salt by hearing that Erykah Badu showed her pretty little southern belle self in @ the NY show and did new joints (Madlib beats)? Yea, I'm bummed.
I then got an AIM from NY and LAX pals minutes apart with a link to shots of the show.
Turns out the were taken by my man Mel D Cole form around way. Met him a few years back and just kept running into this dude. Good work dude, and where's your dad from again?? wowsers.

Stunning as they are, am obliged to share em.
You can find the shots from the show, along w/ the rest of his work here: Village Slum dot com, or click the image below to get to the site.
Enjoy these sights...

....and now the sound.

MED (Medaphoar) had this banger he did w/ a Badu sample on the hook. Ran this incessantly when it 1st dropped. No indication that they performed this but, enjoy it nonetheless.

MED feat E. Badu (Madlib produced)

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jon jon said...

yo' HZA we just had the Stones Throw ripp thru Minneapolis, as my grrl Graph Nobel says it was "Fyah' unfourtunately no special guest.