Sunday, December 02, 2007

Funky Drummer: Karriem Riggins

I still recall separate Common and Kweli tours coming thru Toronto and cats were always linedup after the show outside the green rooms trying to who knows what. I would always ask: Where's Karriem?? Trying to holla @ him real quick and talk about this BBE record + the Riggins produced Club Banger feat Dwele was one of my fave joints EVER. Although that BBE record never took place, he was picked up by Stones Throw for this Supreme Team project and was immediately thrust in the spotlight. How could you not when your partner's the excentric Madlib...
So the 2K8 Bounce Tour came and went, and the highlight was a Supreme Team set which included a drum solo by the diocese of Detroit, Karriem Riggins.

I wish Karriem would put out a instrumental record and/or some breaks. Now's the time since cats are really checking for him. In any case, I'm happy to see him get some of that overdue attention. Top of all that, he's got style, and certainly the most out of anyone @ Stones Throw. I'll never forget seeing him in some hi-cut Y-3s I'd been looking for.. Argh! Anyhow, really looking fwd to that Supreme Team record.
In the interim, here's a sample. Enjoy.

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