Tuesday, December 18, 2007

White on White....

"So much coke, that you could run the slalom" - Jigga Man.

Enough of that white stuff to make both Tony Montana and Alberto Tomba aka Tomba La Bomba hella proud. Yo, we got dumped on - straight up. In fact, I was almost stranded in NYC this past week. Anyhow, I have no contretemps or quarrel with Mother Nature or her snow. I actually think it's fun to get to play in these frozen flakes, as you will soon see. Just hate the fact that I have no winter tires and must remain nearly quarantined and leave my car parked. Sucks.
And all of this has happened still days before the very 1st day of winter - which is 4 days from now I believe.
In anycase, I'm in all likelihood going riding this week. Not been in almost... 6 years?? Ha. This will be a blast!
How fun was it to pull out some old DUB brand pants (what happened to them anyhow?? I just know they were bought out), and I got to wear my Analog Audex jkt. Still love it.

Man. That was kinda fun. Tobogganing must be next. Gunna! Where you @??
I'm all in. I'll leave the broom behind still.

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