Tuesday, January 01, 2008


These last 10 days were the proverbial calm before the storm. Lemme enjoy it one last time. ;) - Hza, December 30th 2007.

These are the very words that I pronounced merely a day before the start of this fresh and new year. They could not be any closer to the truth.

Cool, calm and collected I remain for the most part, but only hours after the proverbial ball drop, your boy was entangled in a wrangle just as I was leaving. What was a celebratory evening was almost forevermore blemished by what should have been a simple conversation that necessitated a follow up. Furthermore and much more importantly, was this an augury of tumult and misfortune for 08??

Nope. It can't and won't be. Too many good things in store for cero ocho and it starts...


My renaissance in the melodious mesosphere will manifest as the MPD24 & a brand new MacBook. Real talk. Been waiting for this day impatiently and it's now dawn. Black Beatles are coming, and this will not be a British invasion. More like a solid state circuitry seizure. I present to you the official birth of Robotica™.

Knobs, sliders and buttons. Shouts to Flying Lotus, Scarlett, Heralds of Change and Samiyam who were not congnizant of their inspiration (that's right Mr. Slott) and the many others out there who I've holla'd @. I've sat patiently for too long. Let's do it.

Ahhh... Assuaged.

There are many I could shout for another banner year - in and out of the country, but the list is too deep. Love you all. But I will shout 2 more today. Douce, for being cooler, calmer and more collected in the face of commotion. I had a great time. ;) And D for being the hostess with the mostess. Thx again.

Here's my photo essay. Short, but none less meaningful.

Created with this.

And to send you off... here's my transmission that shall set the tempo of 2008.

Nicole Willis' Soul Investigators Theme, rmx'd by my man M. Slott. Good f*cking look.



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Richniques said...

Love this Remix Bro ... Playing this album for a min. Whats J say ...Sweeeett