Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Seriously. Call me: Nokia's Stylin On You.

+ the cal is on me. So act up and... [pow].

You know how I stay about accessories. And as far as I know, even though I do make calls on my cell all day, I like to switch phones according to my mood and what I'm rocking. Some are smaller, sleeker and have that... um, je ne sais quoi. Smell my Comme Des Garçons??

Enter the new Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism, the newest offer form the Nokia Prism Collection. Quite the mouth full for just a phone. Wait. No. It's a fashion accessory if you ask me. The new watch really. They 1nce said that the watch was being replaced by the cell phone - though blasphemous as a statement, the fact is that cats would quicker leave their watch behind than cell. Someone started to think and applied some fashion design to the phone category. You ended up w/ The Nokia Zac Posen Collection in 2004 (seen below)

and the L'Amour Collection in 2005

and they are now offering a new release from the Prism Collection. The 7900 Crystal Prism.

Nokia worked in collaboration with the creative designer Frédérique Daubal, which resulted in unique laser-etched graphic designs and distinctive wallpapers for the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism. The wallpapers inspired by Daubal communicate the reflection of light and capture the feel of angular prisms and triangles. Lasers are not limited to Js and A1s.

I could go into a techie ramble, but why?? A fashion ramble would be so much better. But I will add one thing: They've compared it to the same lines and designs as the infamous Prada offices.

Ready for the Prada building in your pocket? I am.

make it happen!


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