Friday, January 04, 2008

Shock & Awe

You know how your boy stays w/ the accessories. They are the alpha and omega. From the spectacles your wear, right down to the socks you slide on. And you know that I love timepieces. Flashback: do you know there was a time that I kept a pocket watch? I went through this business class exec meets Provence - FRA french literature professor look in my very late teens. Suspenders, bowties and all, and those were the casual Fridays. Wow.
Nonetheless, I had a wandering eye for detail that has remained. Newest in my scope's crosshairs is the LRG G-Shock.

Who can forget the G-Shock? A very celebrated coup of Casio's doing. I recall getting a Lady G in a promo we did w/ Casio when I worked for the Big Mean Germans a decade ago, and that was a tight piece then.

Time? Look for this LRG limited timepiece to make a pile of noise soon on the streetwear radar. In fact, this collabo was kept under such tight wraps, images of the watch have only surfaced recently despite being in development and completed sample @ least since top of 07. I saw the pics myself.

Now the money part?? Ouch. They way cats jump up for lim ed. LRG? Look for this to command the type of provolone that the original Dead Serious hoodie went for.

Time is money indeed.

So I set the time, Slum Vill gives the rhyme. (RIP DIlla)

Enjoy. Hey!

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e'ry day, e'ry day, e'ry day ....