Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Healer: Nu Badu

Pls don't hate me for saying this, but I was never a massive fan of Erykha Badu. I still recall when she was just starting and everyone and their mom was losing their mind. She's had a fantastic career, and I would be the 1st to acknowledge it. But I could never get over the wig-gate. I mean, it was never a massive deal but I still recall having that convo with my man Tony Young, bka Master T, and how disgusted he was @ the fact that such a spiritually focused singer and performer was passing off what was soon to be discovered to be a counterfeit coiffure, phony dreads as real hair. My man was pissed... and I too was kinda like: man, that's kinda wack. Top of that, never liked how she turned my man Common right out. Common definitely ate the rice. Damn.
But, I'm not mad. She's still fine as hell. And her booty is bananas - esp in light of that small frame of hers. She's got classics and had worked very closely w/ Dilla. In fact, possibly too close. I still recall this interview where he mentioned starting to get a massage from she...

Anyhow, some of you might recall my mention of Badu's surprise appearance @ the NY Stones Throw tour stop as she performed nu material from Nu Amerykha - her new record that's due to drop next month. So I finally heard one of the bangers she did w/ Madlib the bad kid.

It's bigger than religion, hip hop....

....It's bigger than the government.

This one is for Dilla

Whilst we still look to mend our broken hearts, Badu comes from the skies to play the part (1 for Dilla). Enjoy.


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