Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NYC to London to YYZ: it's all love...

Good ppl are meant to meet.

I do my best to be a good citizen. I have met and with time amassed a great deal of friends @ home in yyz and enjoy their company @ all times. There in fact is not enough time as I would want, to share spirits and smiles. I certainly apply that same principle, as simple as it is, in all my travels. But I do also have a scintilla of faith in fate that I can't quite explicate. I can only sum it as this:

Good ppl are meant to meet.

Just about 1 year ago, I met and artist who's become a great friend in the time we've known each other. How we met was classic, but even more remarkable is how we kept in touch via random but unknowingly common friends we had.

Jose Parla and I met in NY after a Stüssy x Nike movie premiere. We met simply because a friend of mine was grossly late, and I was then forced to wait outside. @ which point I ran into an old friend who was @ the time waiting for Jose. Wild. We ended up eating great food and partying afterwards @ Cielo for a Jazzanova DJ event. It was such a great night, we vowed to stay in touch.

This summer whilst in London and after lunch with my man Gorgeous George, I find out Jose is in town for a show. I call his NY cell but it's off. Then my friend from LA emails me to tell me a friend of mine Jazzi (and I would find out a friend of Jose's as well) is in London also and I should email her. So I did. And she then calls me on my cell, to say hi and puts her friend on the phone: it's Jose.

Are you kidding me??

So we end up all hooking up and having dinner in London's famous Brick Lane. Good ppl. Good times. Priceless moments, even w/o the Mastercard.

Glad you could come through Toronto dude. I know we'll x paths again my dude. Be safe and the world awaits you (seriously though, the airmiles!) Dinner is absolutely on me next time, and I insist. ;).

A lifetime shout out to Miss Sarabi. We missed you, and in fact you called whilst we spoke praise of you. Wild. And a lifetime shout to Jazzi. Your name came up numerous times.

Good ppl are meant to meet.

So whilst Jose Parla hangs his art, Todd Terry plays the part. Classic (not old school) NY party sh*t. Enjoy. Say Wrd.

Hasta la proxima vez.


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jasi said...

awwww!! man! your are my boy for life henri!! yeah we gotta do it again, maybe in nyc?

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