Monday, January 07, 2008


Have you been known to lose control?? Do you oft binge? Have you ever been convicted?? Or even arrested?? Or maybe, you're known to police?? Well, if you're feeling a little warm, I might be talking to you.

A few days ago, after getting myspaced by my girl CB, I leaned back in my macbook black leather loveseat and pondered: how many have suffered? How many more must suffer? What of you ask?? High fashion crimes and misdemeanours.

You know 'em well. The ones who step to the festive function in the most heinous habiliments , gruesome garb and vile vestments. What are you to do?? In this age of Social Networking sites such as Facebook and... um.. Facebook, can you risk having such persons just ruin a great shot as the flash picked them up and their awful attire?? ARGH!!
If I've described someone close to you, you are obligated as a close and caring friend to approach them and discuss their difficulties. When all else fails however, there is recourse:

F.A.G.G.: Friends Against Ghastly Gear.

FAGG believes it’s possible to eliminate the tragedy of despicable dress and prevent further ruining of dates and mixer attendance.
If you or a loved one has been affected by a such crime, FAGG is there to help you. They have more than 400 trained victim advocates nationwide that provide bereaved friends, acquaintances and traumatized victims with:

  • emotional support

  • various publications (Complex, Nylon mag and other like periodicals)

  • appointments w/ stylists @ a discounted rate

  • Photoshop classes to cut out the malefactor after the malfeasance.

However, we know that very wise adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of press from paparazzi.
Interception @ inception is the key. With that, I offer a cure - for the fellas.

I present to you, the latest from the infamous HUFSET:

Nothing like getting your head right, before FAGG gets involved (holy triple entendre). My man Meg@ and the good ppl @ Huf know the time. A mix of flawless designs, fabrics and graphics have helped Huf become one of the top if not THE top New Era independent in North Am. This time, they set you straight with a fresh Herringbone pack. Plus they f*ck with the 8th letter all day. Say wrd.

Start the healing @ the top. ;)

And whilst you get your gear on point, De La Soul will play the joint. Shouts to my girl CB. Good Look!


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