Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Get Bitch Slapped! SNKRPMPS Feb 1st @ Circa

So man, what a busy Feb. I totally forgot it was that time of year, where cats go through their climate controled rooms and pick through the past years' vintages: grapes, olives, infrareds... You might pull out the jewelry and toolery and unbox some Tiffanys. Anyhow, look for this night to be attended by the city's sneaker geeks, and the 17 girls who love them. That's right: SneakerPimps are rolling into town. This will be a man show. LOL. No seriously. Can you say rubber necking all night long?
But, thankfully, Hip Hop's Head Honcho will be on desk to supply the music: DJ Premier will be on the bill. Last time he came was during the Manifesto/RedBull Music Academy event in September, and that was completely bananas. In fact, I saw him in NY this summer for the Smirnoff night, and also saw him in Barcelona of all places. WTF??

Touching the decks will also be fellow countryman, neg lacaille DJ WhooKid, as well as one of the more underrated crews out there, Serious (might crack a smile, but ain't a damn thing funny) & my man Fathom.


So man...

Don't get bitch slapped! Do your thing @ Sneaker Pimps Feb 1st @ Circa. Should be a funny night.

Since Sneakerpimps will supply the night, KanKick will give you Sight (for sore eyes).


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