Friday, December 12, 2008

HVW8 All day.

I miss LA DEARLY! I need it for more reasons than you think ahora. I'll be there muy temprano. I just get inspired there on all levels. Not saying that life here is insipid, but there's a little something missing @ times. But I still love you yyz. LAX does me well though.
My man Ty G from HVW8 sends me this yesterday. Dude is homeless, would you believe??

This was right as her was preparing the new podcast. Shouts to Max and Ty G!
This dude, should be @ Wrongbar tonight to flip it with Dâm-Funk. For real. Speaking of, make sure to come out tonight and show some love. Mayer Hawthorne, Dâm-Funk, Taktiks and this other cat.
All deets here, the FB group.


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