Friday, December 19, 2008


Dearly beloved... we were gathered last night in QB in the sign of Dionysus and in the face of this company, to unite these kindred spirits in the most holy of merriment, commended to be honorable by all. Therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently. Into this holy Stafford estate these persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, just leave. ;)

What do I live for?? These days... just the key things: family and friends, in the that order. And really, for the latter of the two, the close ones are prolly just family anyways. Good times are simply the therapy you need in trying times, and not saying that I'm in any kind of rut but I've certainly been in better places of late. Much like my folks, belief that wining and dining among family is priceless - and last night was just that.

Shouts to all I saw last night, from the Black Beatles (Jon Jon, Man Like eBanks and Ramòn), Harbs & Daniella - you guys need your own reality show, Celine, Lynne, Suzi, Nat, Patrick, iVana, Toula, Steph and Pam. Extra special big shout to Jon Jon for being a fab host. I need a bigger yard! A great night indeed. Wishing you cats all the best for the holidays, and see you next year, in 2000-mine, cuz it will be about me. ;)

As much as I don't post much music here these days, how could I not dedicate a track this time around? A lovely update of a classic. Who doesn't want love among friends? I do love it like this... ;)



kinakoJam said...

aw bless
Love to Henri, Jonathan & Miss Wong from EJ & Erik

What is the song?

D-Firstlady said...

I like this song for real -what is it?

Hza said...

Ahhh the song. it's Reel Peoples early 80's release 'Love Me Like This' rmx'd by a young prodigy from London called Floatingpoints. I just talked about him on my other outlet:

jon jon said...

yoyoyoyoy, I'm fuckin jon jon, LOL.


katelangan said...

Love it hizza. looks like another wkd jonjon special wish i could have been there xxxx