Monday, December 22, 2008

Beau Ties

Funny how things can happen. On my last trip to LA and my requisite stop @ Marc Jacobs, I saw these clip on bow ties. I had been meaning to host a xmas party @ some point w/ my man Jon and have all guys wear bow ties or Beau Ties. ;) But as it was, I forgot to grab one, but my man JJ just got back and hit me with this! BAM!

I used to rock these hard 1nce upon a time. My code of dress was all about who could look like the most well-read academic, bespectacled University of Glasgow professor throwback to Harris Tweed jkts, Florsheim shoes and trousers to my navel. I 1nce rocked that look all day, along side a trench.
Anyhow, none of that will be happening for NYE, but look for this Beau Tie to bedeck my neck and collar - with no questions, long side like a Paul Smith blazer that I've not rocked in ages.
Thank you Marc J and shouts to Jon Jon.

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