Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Triangle: Two Lovers (2009)

Oddly, I find myself eagerly looking fwd to another film simply after one pass of it's trailer.
Two Lovers looks to be another passionate tale of personages, consumed by adoration whilst still being adored. Did that make any sense? By what I have seen, Two Lovers will be a classic isosceles love triangle with 2 equally tormented affairs and one hopelessly nebulous outcome.

As I mentioned, there have been but a few films that I have peaked my interest after a single pass of the trailer - Vicky Christina Barcelona (a BRILLIANT film that I went to see alone - and that I would go watch again, hint x2) and more recently Let The Right One In - a fantastic foreign gem.
Ironically, all three are love stories. Huh?
Word is that the release in set for Feb 13th 2009. I'll let you do the math. Who's down??


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