Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HVW8 x Charlie Ahearn: True History

Would you believe that it's been 25 yrs?
In 1983, producer and director Charles Ahearn finally brought to screen what was to become one of the most if not the most influential film in hip hop. Wild Style was the 1st film of it's kind: the depiction of a free form movement of art, dance, music and culture. Hip Hop.

Purveyors and proponents of fine print art HVW8 have hooked up with Charlie Ahearn himself to release a series of tees which will pay homage to his work in Wild Style. They will pull stills from a massive cache of images and transfer them to tees in this collaborative endeavor. The first of many has just dropped @ the HVW8 Hollywood gallery:

Make sure to visit HVW8 to get your own. Shouts to my man Ty G & Max all day. And PLS try not to backspin in it. ;). So how could I not take you out with an original break?? Enjoy.


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