Monday, November 17, 2008

DNM Delight

Say wrd. After a cute game of cat and mouse with my girl Kate, I was able to get my TopShop dnm she so graciously grabbed for me before she made her away across the pond.
So she left the winsome Nancy in charge of the delivery. And what a delivery!
They have quickly become my fave pair of jeans ever since my trop to LDN last summer. And you certainly heard and read my despair when I had to dump them in the Whirlpool washer.

Anyhow, I'mpretty pumped. Levi's, Nudies and def Topman aka Men's TopShop.


Say wrd.

I see you staring...


1 comment:

Heyhomee said...

Congrats to your new found love of your life! I know the feeling. It's better than when Harold and Kumar found White Castle. It's better than Frodo destroying the Ring. It's DENIMS, MANG!!!