Thursday, November 20, 2008

Madlib x Brent Rollins x Stones Throw = Say Wrd

I've had this on going work campaign that just seemed to NEVER END! ARGH! So I was staying offline unusually. So popping upyesterday, I got an immediate hit from my man Strong from Stones Throw. They've been toying with the idea of putting out more tees, but they've always had the one offs here and there and, I happen to own a few myself.
So he hits me with the link and voilà...

They've done a collab tee with famed Brent Rollins, notorious for his work with Stüssy, Nike, and most notably Ego Trip. So now, Madlib is also a customer... you bet.

They'll be a perfect complement to my Topshop dnm. Wrd. These are due in the Stones Throw eStore quite soon with the last black and pink colorway exclusively available during the Madlib x J-Rocc tour in Japan. WTF?? What the hell is up with all the Nipponese exclusives?? Anyhow... I should be in LA soon. Hope to cop one. ;) Big shouts to Minister of Information, my main man Strong!




jp said...

those are awesome!

Vatkeezy said...

The black and green joint is fire!


not lisa said...