Friday, November 21, 2008

Winter Wanderland

I wander around wondering when i'll waive this white flag. Speaking to my parents last winter, my father had all but tossed in the towel, sick of the furiously foul flurries. But in his defense, his territory was slammed with record breaking snowfalls. Like, REAL CRAZY. Some might even recall my famous shot right in front of my parents' place last Xmas.
So yesterday, we got our first snowfall on the year in Toronto. UGH. I'm not ready.

Would you believe that i went for a bike yesterday afternoon?? The sun was in fact blazing, the roads dried up. It was an awesome day in the end. Well... after noon really. It can be done! Shout outs to Nalden.

Anyhow, I need a new jkt. The goose is dope, but I wanna a new one!

I'm gone wandering.


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