Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ye Day

The 1nce Vuitton Don, now the Colette King, Cinelli Vigorelli vanguard was on Conan with his 808 kicks and Jigu (and no, not Jigga).

More chat...

Don't shoot the animals.

Who's gonna f*ck with Pastelle when it drops?? Well... I'm almost afraid. 2 fold fears: The stampede to teh authorized dealers, and the one to the bootleggers, grey/black market, flea market dudes. Bottom line - both will get paid.

I'll rep that.



San Fran said...

I'll check the Pastelle line when it drops, no doubt - but it might only be a piece here and there to set off other joints I have.

Not sure I'd ever go head to toe in least not based on what he was rocking during the AMAs...

Delfino said...

ROLAND! 808 keeps going! I'm gonna try to get a pic with the original 808 engineer when I'm at the factory next week. If I had a pastel jacket to rock while taking the pic it'd be way to sweet!