Friday, November 21, 2008

I dream about sex. Do you??


My man Nalden just let us in on a little secret. ADIDAS is turning 60? for real? Well, whatever they plan - sexy house party or not, they better holla @ your man. I hope to bring some of that DVLPMNT to the party. They could use some. Let's take it left a touch more. Say wrd. And I just copped the Adidas Campus pair, in 3M. I'm a f*cking 3M junky man. Perfect from riding @ night.

Naldisney put me on to the trailer that has been produced out of Montréal of all places. Nuts. Adidas and Montréal have a lovely bond seemingly. An agency in MTL also was also behind this build of boundless beauty.

This could be fun. Stay tuned....


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