Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saved by Poli Sci: John Forté Freed

Bush Doesn't Care About Black People.

Do you think that Bush thinks about it?? Will failed Dubbya acknowledge that echoing statement from Ye as one of his lowest points ever?? Can you shake something like that from your psyche ever?? Bush was never really a erudite dude, but even I cringed when I heard that... MAN. Forget W, cuz my beef been more with Conde Rice. Where was she during Katrina?? Oh yea... Shopping for shoes for a private function and playing tennis with M. Seles. Way to go.

So, in a flurry of 14 pardons and commutations, political scientist Dubbya sent the Poly Scientist, former Refugee Camp MC/producer John Forté what he has been yearning for since 2000: a pardon.

Was Bush thinking of John Forté or was in trying to get into Carly Simon's pants?? Regardless, Dec 22 2008, John Forté will walk out of the Penn pen and taste freedom.

FINALLY is all his myspace says. I guess homie. Does this mean there's gonna be a Refugee Camp Party?? Well.. not quite an inaugural ball, but I would watch it on youtube I guess.

Maybe all the efforts by Carly Simon did pay off, since I don't see Bush as a Refugee Camp or John Forté fan.
So does this mean George Bush loves Black people now? Who knows, but John Forté loves him some of that Poli Sci though.

What will he do 1st?


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jon jon said...

A Bush pardon, thats gangter.