Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Big Kids


This is what I'm talking about. The summer that we've all been missing is soooo here, finally! It was blazing hot yesterday and although the sun was splendid, one could only take refuge in the in deep in the night... though it was still gorgeous out well into the wee hours. So after a great eve @ Chelsea Room with Age, Rebecca et al (Bullion does rawk, no??) - Age suggested that we hit the pool.

Hmmmm... 3h47 am?? Cool. Let's go.

So off we were to reminisce and re-enact a great scene from Larry Clark's cult classic KIDS (if you haven't seen this.... ARGH!)

Here we were hopping the fence, stripping down to bare essentials and that's all she wrote. Swimming freely with not a worry @ all (I had to get up early as did a few of us) except that blasted chlorine! ARGH. Hey... was that Rosario Dawson over there??
So this is a shout to all who were there man... Age, Rebecca, Lil E aka edub aka 1/2 somersault and the rest who bashed it with us from Chelsea to the pool...

We're all just big kids in the end. Sin Duda. Someone mentioned skinny dips for the next run... sh*t... Might be down. ;)

So this one's for my man Harold Hunter (RIP). The man who convinced Larry Clark to hire Rosario Dawson. The cat who I had the pleasure of having drinks with back in LV... This one's for you. We did it nice last night... as you did as well.

For those who recall HH's cameo in this video for this sick track... 1 - 9 - 9 - 9 ... Still getting mine in the ONE!


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