Sunday, July 27, 2008

1000 names, but wack ain't one.

My boy Simon who's from Venezuela 1nce told me that when you're born, in latin culture, you must take on the name of members of the family of a parent... something of the sort. So, his name is Símon Z., but in reality, his FULL NAME is Símon xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Diamante Z. He recited his whole name once... ha.

So, sometime time late last year, I came across these cats called 1000 names. A EU duo from Sofia. Not sure how, but I eventually got some joints from them. Cool.

More recently, I had seen them come up on some comp (beatnicks 1+2), but they had one release in particular that did it for me.

Worth Making Noise About... And Noise I did make. This EP had this banger than I just loved and chopped nicely live when I played out. And more recently I went and bought the digital music files to a new 7" this have just released.

Both of the above were releases from the French Eklektic Records.

After mentioning the 7" in a convo with them, would you believe what arrived @ my door whilst in NYC??

A red 7"?? You know you have to be a collector for that.

They even threw in the last release for kicks. Say wrd.

1000 names, and wack ain't one.

I have to give a shout to Nikko and Margg for the love on this one. Been a min since I was serviced vinyl. But I do realize that some ppl still take pride. And I'm not mad @ that @ all. Say wrd.

7€20 was the EU freight and was worth every penny. So peep this: Monobinate <-- my joint!


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