Friday, July 25, 2008

NY State Of Grind

That's it really. Some of you might be like...

Dude, where ya been??

Man, your man needed to simply decompress man. Sin duda.

Things have a touch uninspiring. On some real métro, boulot, dodo type thing. I was in this creative rut and I needed a change my surroundings. So I printed a long overdue boarding pass for JFK.

So off I was. Had not been out there in a min and as many of you might recall, I've be Californicating with every opportunity.

Man, NY is just so bananas. It makes me realize more and more why there are seemingly more tourist in NY than NY'ers: there's too much to see and, for someone's who's never been there - it's quite a site... and all of this had slipped my mind - really. ;)

I would have offered some reg updates this week, but in my proclivity to pack as puny personal wares as possible (I like to challenge myself err-time - all I needed was in a backpack for 4 days), I forgot my f*cking laptop charger. So, it was essentially useless. And, with these Robbers Wireless rates, I did't want to chance having some lengthy and data intensive updates from my non 3G iPhone. :(.

So what better way to chat about it via a photographic dissertation... ;)

Yes, you are seeing this correctly.

Post MLB All star artwork. Is nothing sacred?? ;)

Shouts to Miss Castro for hollering and inviting me to Capsule. What a f*cking nice venue. No joke. They had it in a synagogue.

I def did a ton of chilling and thinking... needed to relax and reflect a touch.

Def one of the highlights of the NY trip was finally running into the ever so polite, EU transplant and now US resident Mike Slott. Say wrd. I have run his name out here a few times already, so reg readers might recall. We got to kick it and chat. That was hella tight. Good look dude!

Another cat that I was pretty stoked on running into as well (and I do mean that when I say running into... ) was this cat: Daru Jones. Again, another producer who I have more recently chatted about as well. Essentially, I was just on my way back home @ night and ran into what looked like his twin... Then I took a few more steps only to decide then that I would wait to ask - since this would bother me all week had it been him and said nothing. I was either going to play myself or be like... WHOA. BAM. It was him. My man & I chatted for a min about some of his joints and we swapped contacts. Say wrd. It was a very good day.

And who might this be??

Another hint...

Ok. After chatting a ton, I finally got to run into the bday girl herself, Kissey Asplund. Again, a name that I have run thru The Newest Era™ a few times previously.

And again, being that it was her bday, she got busy on the mic @ Studio B in BKLYN.

Certainly, a big shout to my man OP! who held down a tight set. Ha... Kissey was right. ;) Good look. Lets get up when you get down here dude. Say wrd.

So.... as I sat there by the bar, this dude is like:

"Were you in MIA for WMC??

Hell yea dude. What's good? He then proceeds to introduce himself.


WTF?? Pffffff....

So the French came ripping out. I was just chatting this dude's name last week. Missed him in Toronto as I was @ a bday party in Ajax. All love. That was so crazy.

All in all, that was a great night, with many more shouts to be handed... Like DJ Scribe . I've been on homeboy's mailing list for as long as I can recall. Wow.

I've said it in the past, and I'll say it again: Good ppl meet.

So glad I took that little bit of time off man. That trip put me back on my NY State Of Grind for real. There really are some great ppl around, and I got meet a gang on this one little stretch away from home. The music I heard this week was just blazing too... man. Love this sh*t.

Shouts to the whole gang: Dr Byrne, Slott, LRG crew in NY, Kissey, Fiona Bloom of Bloom Effect, Sribe, OP!, Daru, Waajeed (sorry I was soooo late), SIMBAD (that was wild), Night Nurse & Chandler (WTF??) - that was really rndm, Neil, AILEEN, Phillionaire (good seeing you dude - shout Brooke for me man), Adam @ Evisu (congrats) and my man ANT over @ New Era. I'm sure I forgot a few. Catch you on the rebound if I did. ;)

So now, time to engage the cluth and get this poppin.

Chat soon.


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T said...

Henri, what a timely blog! I pass thru every so often to see what's up and it's like you always have a random message for me.

Loving your pics and inspirational words.

I'm actually off to LA next week for similar reasons, but have been pondering NYC for a while.

"Good people meet."