Monday, July 14, 2008


What a day. What a week in fact. I was seemingly away from the AIM café as my folks were in town to see the Don, 1st born, I & I, and I then headed back home to celebrate my Dad's bday. What a blast!

1st, my parents came thru town. Ever since my dad discovered GPS devices, he's been on this driving tear. He's one who never traveled any distance that he didn't know well. Then, suddenly, he drove to NYC! So they came through to kick it for a week. That was fun. Laughed, ate and watched Poupées Russes and La Doublure.

My mom loves trinkets, so she spent hrs pon hrs in Chinatown. She loved it. So cute!

So after a fun filled week, headed to the home town to have a great day with the whole fam: yow x yul connected for my dad's bday.

One thing my dad loves doing is running his mouth and laughing. There was much of both. You see, my dad's a kind of raconteur. Has a story for every situation. So they ran. Hard! My dad's seen alot though. Going from being a student in Haïti, to a young UN teacher in Zaïre, to a married father of 3 in Canada. Nothing but love and admiration. All day.

Happy Bday Papi! Many more to come. ;) Of course, more shots here.


Bday shouts to TR Gunna, More Mec, CaitCulli (see you tomorrow) and Les Bleus!


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