Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twist And Go

This is not even a joke.

More and more cats are riding. I mean, there are 5 of us @ work. Friend of mine The Gardner came to surprise me @ my house with her brand new scooter and I just had a long chat with CB who revealed to me that she's got her M2 permit. Sick.

It's fun to see more ppl riding. Living in QB and having all/most of my dealings in the downtown core, it made absolute sense for me. Then, the oil speculators showed up to the party and welcomed all to the $100 fill up. ;). Now that's all ppl ask me: how much to fill up??

I'm just about to round the 8000 kms mark on my Derbi Bullet. It's been fun. But in a quick, random and periodic search, I found hella deals online. There's been no better time to get on 2 wheels. A Buell Blast for under $4k?? Say wrd.

Speaking of scooters...


That's for the person who stole my prized piece of head gear: my full face helmet. For 2 yrs, no one bothered with it. Now, I come out around 5am to find that's it's been jacked. Oh well. I'll wait till the end of the season to grab one. I have 2 extras for now. I'll also take a good look in EU in oct for one. They have some sick ones out there... so many riders. HA.

As well, a quick shout out to the TMSC who had the Monster Scooter Rally 08 just about 1 week ago. We get together 1nce a year and go a monster ride. Click for bigger shot.

I'll be there next year gents... barring another bday out of town. ;). Shouts to Gord for a stunning photo.

So my new rider friend of mine asked whether I'd double her if she came thru. Unless you have this is mind, I'm good. ;)


Anyhow, so random.

Cheers. Great week coming up.



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Niña Mendoza said...

Last photo caption: "Getting head in the whip but not... crashin' it."