Saturday, August 02, 2008

Caribana 2008

It's been a min. Had been meaning to post, but it's been a pretty busy week with work and that was taking up my time. Seeing custies, and even worse - driving! ARGH!


Simply put, Bana 2008 was here. When the sun's out, I'm all about it. Sin duda. And as I told my man about this, it's more about the sound and vision for me. It's such an event - with speakers blasting, and men toasting the mic heavy. Love it.

On top of it, I had some 1st timers who were just agape @ this festival - like nothing they had ever seen (esp not in LA apparently) . Shouts to Kev D, Rich, Nick and Woodie. Say wrd.

Shouts to all who I ran into in my travels today, esp Rose Royce. Radiant smile as always. ;)

Shouts to the 4our ladies who were determined to track me down for this photo.

But in the end, Bana2008 was all about the Killa show. You better axe somebody!

So, I'll simply leave you with a few pics, with the rest of the photographic dissertation being here.

Say wrd.

Chat soon,


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