Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome Barak!

Fist Bump?? Fist Pump?? Huh??

Round my way, we call them daps and/or pounds. "Whatever you call it..." - my mom ads, "It's cool!". She thinks it's soooooo funny! And just like that, I welcomed my parents back to my APT. ;) My parents are so cute! I think that my dad loves my place more than I do - and he totally admits it.

As much as I love their company, I'm just sad that I'm under despotic deadlines @ work. I'm unable to spend some meaningful time with them and be that guide. :(. But we've been able to have some good chats and laughs despite. But as my mom added, she came to relax and just rest up. Say wrd. ;)

Shouts to my bro who took some time off to come hang all the way from The Boro. Then again, he was itching to unveil his new purchase. Ha.

Regardless, welcome Barak Mom & Dad. Always a pleasure. ;)



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