Saturday, August 09, 2008

Say Yeah!

Man... it's been a busy week though you wouldn't have known be looking out here.

What's been good?? I've just been planning the latter 1/2 of Cero Ocho. Important things, you know?? Like..

A new cologne. Say yeah...

It's been a a sort of Cologne Idol. The last, reigning champ and irrefutable Hall Of Famer Comme Des Garçons has now run it's course of spell binding wafts about Queen West. Say yeah...

So next time you see me, lemme know what you think of the new scent as I'll be testing a few. So much to live up to as CDG was @ times worthy of a Controlled Substance tag - the way they kept coming back! LOL... Yo real talk though. I talked about it almost a year ago. Say yeah...

I overheard some ppl take my direction and get right. All love. Now I gotta move on. Anyhow, that's been a REAL dilemma of late.

So imagine my whole week as I spent much of it out and about. Nuts. Lemme not get into too many deets, but will simply hit you with my miscellany of megapixels.

Shouts to the LRG crew: 1st timers to Toronto and it was BANA. Say yeah...

This week, my ppls Tonya Morgan came through Toronto as well as an opener for Hiero. Shouts to Don, Von and Ilyah in absentia. Always nice to rap with cats. We need another show. Say yeah...

Sh*t... Shouts to Culli for hollering Thursday night. Like, didn't know you were still alive. So, after getting toasty @ a Nike Sportswear event (Shouts to CY - hace f*cking mucho tiempo man), I made my way down to one of my fave spots. A hug, kiss and a Guiness! On my way.

Did I ever get haunted!

Friday night was another white wine filled wanderings... ARGH.

The good ppl @ GDFT were pleased to announce the release of an eco friendly GDFT x Adidas collabo. The shoe's launch was @ the GDFT YRKVL location and drinks longside some succulent smoked salmon. YUM!

Shouts to Seven.

Safari Stuntin!

"Ol El and Hza read the same literature" - as mentioned by Jesar. LOL. You bet dude. Shouts to Chase. Get it dude.

Finally the prized pieces.

Imagine this site @ the end of a driveway??

BTW, shout to all responsible for this collabo. Recycled materials were used in it's fabrication. So even someone like Big C and his size 15 can have a small carbon footprint. ;) Say Yeah....

Adidas x TSTBDS/INQMND x Agency1

I had to do this one... say yeah...

We then made our way down to QB for a 20 yr anniversary party commemorating NWA. Say Yeah...

Ran into my man Age. All day dude.

Say yeah... My man Bobby Brown (real talk) was in the building.

A massive shout to Dave G who made the most brilliant entrance! Say yeah... Always good to see you dude. Shouts to my man JR Jollyrancher....

... and a massive shout to Steph. Sh*t! This is one of the most brilliant pics I have taken ever! Say yeah! Thx for being such a sexy model. Dress and heels. Love it.

Man... I'm getting some rest right now. Going to Bump n Hustle tonight @ The Riv. Say yeah....

So lemme take you cats out with this joint that I must have spit over countless times in CA in May. Heard it all the time @ radio and wondered why it wasn't poppin here. No matter.

Was gonna post the track - but f*ck it. Video is f*cking hilarious!

¡Dile sí!




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Kissey said...

I need to start planing when I'm going to do the stay-stay in Toronto!!!

aaaaaaaaa the vibe looks ill.