Friday, August 29, 2008

Dare to *Wonder*

Indeed.... Dare to WONDER.

1nce again, Michigan and Detroit are playing into the historical musical landscape.

Stevie Wonder, a multi instrumentalist who is mostly known for his mastery of the keys, has influenced countless fans of soul music world wide. Without question, his influence has touched well known luminaries among which are two of the finest selectors and music connoisseurs world round: Bobbito Garcia aka Kool Bob Love aka DJ Cucumber Slice, and DJ Spinna.

In a brainstorm, their love for Stevie's catalog translated to tribute night entitled WONDER-FULL. Note the double entendre.

A party born in NY, had recieved such acclaim that the dynamic duo were suddenly fielding requests to take it on the road. And on the road they have.

It is our pleasure to announce that this famed fiesta has now made it to our lovely city.


A Canadian Premiere!

FRIDAY SEPT 12th 2008
REVIVAL - 738 College St. - TORONTO.

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This is a Do Right, MILK and mymanhenri production. say wrd.

Click here for the FaceBook group and get down.

This will be a night to remember. DARE TO WONDER. More goodies coming soon.

BTW, shouts to Matt from 1 sick flyer! ;)


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