Saturday, August 16, 2008

Got Some Amazing Head

Totally did.

I mean, the night was shaping up something lovely. I kept telling SL, my lovely date that the skies were looking good for the show. Than, as per this summer, Mother Nature had other things in mind.

The rain came POURING hard. And that was off an on with the worst coming down for until about 8pm. Then, the skies opened up. And the night was starting to write itself, or right itself?

So I kissed my parents good night and made my way down to Amphitheater on Lakeshore.

But right before, I was due to meet someone who was buying tix off me... and dude hung up on me after I called. Called again, and then gave me a story about how he bought tix already. BRAD (that was his name)! YOU ASSHOLE. That was not the deal. After an exchange, the lies he told me were so clear and blatant, he felt it obligated to send someone my way, and luckily I was able to sell my tix. Nice dude came up from Mexico for the show, looking for tix on site. All good. But Brad the furniture salesloser (cuz you're not a man), you're still a liar.

So what a gig. As we sat under a moon that was as bright as Hale-Bopp, we heard Thom sign like a jay bird, long side some great visuals. We had lawn seats, but we ate shrimp instead, filet mignon with vermouth reduction!! LOL. We never went to our seats and had a ball in the back 300s! SL!

But night was sick. Great show, great company, and the ended the show with possibly my fave track - period. Like, who sick do you have to be to bang this out the studio?? Still recall sitting in my friend's car in LA and just studying this joint like...
seriously?? Man...

Anyhow, so good. Someone have a cigarette for me??


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