Friday, August 22, 2008


Sorry about the expletive, but WTF??

this is the 2nd time I've been robbed man. Although this was a less significant loss, but it's the f*cking principle of it.

Someone took my back light, the red LED right off my Bowery aka Azulito, and just walked with it. F*cking destitute dudes... I would have hit you with the $4.50 it cost to get it from MEC. But you swiped it off mine instead. I WISH i had been outside man. It so would have been your birthday.


Anyhow, I'm sure this is not the big entry you expected to see after a seemingly slow week - (though so far from) but your man's been in the cotton fields HARD. Possibly like never before. Just deplorable conditions right now... ARGH! But as much as it's been very crazy for such a short period, it will be done sooner than usual. Say wrd.

Anyhow, shouts to tofixd who set up a great run tonight. So perfect. Glad we linked. Bigger run next time. ;). Shouts to Jee Em and Desi! Enchanté.

BTW, I may have mentioned it to you in person, but I'm actually working on a new blog. Migrating the music over to a new address. This will be just as dope and I'm looking fwd to it. SAY WRD. So if you've seen less music of late, that's why. But I'll make it happen nice and right. ;)

Roxy Reunion Friday night. Tight.


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