Friday, January 23, 2009

The Black Prez: Rich Medina @ Revival Tonight.

Not since this past summer had I been privy to the sounds of your man and Philly's own Rich Medina. I last saw dude @ the Do Over in LA whilst on a decompression trip.

So tonight, in this week of full of blackness, we are blessed to have your man with the Jump n Funk sound @ the Revival tonight for a Black Presidential event like no other.

Should be tight as hell. Last time I peeped a full Jump n Funk, I was in Miami for WMC. Broad day light. Kinda heavy.
Rich knows how to lead the crowd - like a President do! Whether it be words or riddims.... Say wrd.
Looking for a heavy bshmnt to gwan tonight long side Footsteps and Main Ingredient. Shouts to General Eclectic. Say wrd.

See mans and ladies tonight.


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