Monday, January 26, 2009

Land of The (Un) Free And The Most Mighty Dollar: Obama Declares Disapproval Of Dolls

Amidst the historic Obama run to the White House, the only things that was, is and will continue to sell are Obama chotchskies (can that be in plural form??). You know what I mean: paraphernalia, stuff, things like tees, mugs, pins, scarves, toques... There's so much of it, you actually cannot keep track of any of it, though I did find this to outline my claims.
As well, during the campaign for highest office, all candidates had made a pact that all familial matters would be positively be off limits, esp in light of the fact that Sen. Obama was father to two wonderful young girls named Sasha and Malia, and that attacks could be very traumatizing @ such a young age.
But what do you do when you have a First Family that's likely more popular than Wacko Jacko @ his prime, and the sweetest First Daughters?? If you happened to be the Oak Brook based Ty Inc, makers of Beanie Babies, you jump all over it and put out 2 dolls of your own.
But wait. The dolls are both called Sweet Sasha and Marvelous Malia. And they're both slender and brown skinned and with brown eyes. But that's just all coincidence. Wink x2.

As we might say around these parts - must tek man fi fool. Thinking about putting out these dolls was inappropriate. Putting them out to market was sacrilegious and inexcusable. Again, Barack becoming a public official of the most highest ranking has come to realize that this is what you must face when in the public eye. But his daughters?? And being that this was a supposed coincidence (and that decision i assure you did not take place over night for anyone that even remotely understands manufacturing of retail goods), why would you not @ least opt for the blessings of the Obama family seeing that there's an uncomfortable parallel?? Well, they knew that the chances of that happening were around Less Than Zero. I guarantee they spent more time preparing PR statements to deal with the assured backlash than they did developing the dolls.
So, like a very caring mother should, Michelle Obama aka the Mom in Chief has denounced the dolls as inappropriate. It's much worse than that. It has exposed what I think is obviously disgraceful and contemptible decision making that likely runs from the head of Ty Inc and CEO H. Ty Warner, right down the ladder to the very staff in charge of R&D.
This was very simple. Ty Inc, like the rest of the world was gripped by likely the most watched political race in the history of Presidential campaigns are taking advantage of the partisan frenzy that ensued. And, certainly, no one has even seen anything of the magnitude of the Obama campaign. So Ty Inc did it: Stooped to new lows in retail marketing. @ this point, somewhere in the trash must be the designs for Piper. Track. Willow. Trig and a pregnant Bristol Palin.... Yea right!
Feel equally as disgusted??? Send your disdain over these dolls to:


Ty Inc.
280 Chestnut Ave.
Westmont, IL 60559
IL Tel. 630-920-1515
Fax 630-920-1980

Be heard.


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