Thursday, January 01, 2009

HNY: 2000-mine aka my f1rst 100 days.

AKA the cleanest slate.

As much as the glass is sin duda half full, this was a less than banner year for your boy. I had to postpone 2 major trips, and as such did not travel a whole lot. Got into a sticky work situation that I've yet to wipe clean and just in all did not live up to my own expectations. Tisk x 2.

So as I make that right turn onto 2009 ave, I have to essentially recalibrate my GPS. Lost a touch of direction seemingly in the latter part 2008. UGH. But this will be a very engaging year. I def have a few forks in the road, and this multiple choice question has more than one correct answer. All good. I've been doing some studying though could use a touch more time. I need to stay on course with this course as it looks to be the roughest terrain I've prolly encountered in sometime.
Resolutions for 2009?? You bet. Making some ppl close to me happy, among none other than myself 1st and foremost. Am I dispirited and depressed?? Nahhh.... I just love seeing smiles of merriment.
So with that said, much like heads of state, I will engage in marked changes and major engagements.
My 1st 100 days will be full of efficacious transformations and campaigns on all levels: personal and professional. My productivity has not been as efficient as I would have liked it to be. I've had plenty of visions that I've sat on and even passing them onto others - only to see them eventually decay and putrefy. UGH!
So join me folks, for what I will call...


This is far from being pompous, but positive, sanguine and assured. Most of you do realize that I enjoy taking all my friends on my rides, so strap in and let's go.

Mucho besos.


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