Friday, January 16, 2009

The Hot Mess Contest

WOW. I was going thru some older folders and I just stumbled on a classic shot: my old apt in QB (click to zoom)

Yes: my bedroom. I can't believe that I actually lived like this for a hot min. Nuts. But is it really?? Do you mean to tell me that no one @ any moment ever had a lazy week? month?? I had roomies @ this point in time, but that mattered none really.
So to commemorate a lazy point in history, I'm running a contest:

The Hot Mess Contest.

Send me your hottest mess: whether it be your car, your desk (work or home), any room in your house/apt (though I shudder to think you can top mine), anything. Don't be afraid to put your friend(s) on blast either and blow-up their spot by submitting for them. I figure this could be like an episode of Intervention on A&E. You'll just have to be slick with the digi. ;). All you vinyl DJs (if they still exist), all you Nike heads... and you ladies with all your shoes in the closets... I can see it now.

The Rules

So the rules are simple: submit a decent sized shot (800x600 is minimum) of your hot mess. And pls, nothing staged. You can email the photo here: mymanhenri (at) hotmail (dot) com . You can have multiple entries (but if you do, wow. I'll have to wonder about you still). Make sure to put HOT MESS CONTEST in your subject line and send whatever name you want to be listed as.

Deadline is Friday Jan 23rd @ Midnight EST. A week sounds like enough time, no? The winner will be announced Monday Jan 26th. That will give me the weekend to LMAO and confer with the judges. BTW, if you're on FaceBook you can also join in here.

And the prize?? A used can of Febreeze™ and a Shamwow™, long side some bragging rights.

Anyhow, this is all in the spirit of good fun. Have a great weekend - and send'em in!


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Hillina said...

i really want a shamwow.