Thursday, January 22, 2009

The most of improbable: The BarackBerry

This has been the week to bookmark in history's books. One that will be recalled throughout time and have ppl asking "Where where you when you saw it?"
After yrs of extolling the virtues of 1st Nokia phones and then the iPhone handheld, witness history unfolded:

I finaly picked up my own: The BarackBerry. ;)
Following the early yrs of watching the Wizards of Waterloo release vers after vers of it's ubiquitous gadget, more widely know as the crackberry (and I do know a gang of crack heads), it took the most recent release to sway me to the black side: The Bold. No one does qwerty like RIM does.
But what sealed the deal was the Missing Sync. A software app that will enable you to sync your Mac with the blackberry, flawlessly. That was all I needed to hear.
Nokia's OS was boring me, I was sick of tapping on my iPhone's screen (even though I still think it's likely the best handheld) and the resolution on the Bold is bananas. Oh yea, PIN'ing is tight as well.
Would you believe that in the time that I wrote this, I received an email alert: Nokia's sales are plunging, @ the same time Apple reports better that expected sales, amidst this economic slump. Nokia needs to release this beta soon.
Anyhow, welcome to Qwerty Qalamity v2. PIN me!


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