Wednesday, January 14, 2009

G-Shocked: Casio is the new New Era

I still recall going through LRG catalogs and seeing the not so subtle placement of the classic G-Shock on every model's wrist. Not mad. Word was that the 60+ yr old company was pumped that the 20 something G-Shock was back in vogue. I actually have an OG Baby-G @ the crib.
But might this excitement have turned to say... irrational exuberance? Maybe taking a page from New Era Caps, they have gone on a collaborative campaign that is making even New Era blush.

I guess that's how you go about penetrating the market. I just hope they don't go bare back.
As most of you know, I've been partial and still remain faithful to Nixon. Been on them and will remain, with some new models in my sights, I'm pumped about SP09.

Do you have the time btw?



Heyhomee said...

I must agree, I love the Nixon direction, and the craftwork. But I can't see myself getting so hyped over a digital watch? Might as well buy a Swatch Watch, no? I disagree on the New Era envy though, New Era is far more a staple in headwear than G-Shock is in watches.

Hza said...

New Era is a staple, but they're in fact been a victim of their own success. Your neighbor prolly has a New Era coming. Northing against G-Shock. I would hate to see them rise and fall just as fast... AGAIN.